1. Ginger

    I love your tips and possible ideas on how to start working from home. I am sure many people now-a-days would love to earn their income from home and be able to prusue other areas of thieir life as well. this is a very valuable article and I love the conent you provide. keep up the good work! Ginger

  2. Derek Marshall

    Hi There,

    I am well aware of the virtues of working from home, one is, surprisingly, it’s good for the environment and better air quality due to less traffic. I had no idea that some seriously big corporations were becoming apprehensive about work from home employees, actually, a hybrid system could work out as nice compromise by having the employee being at the company twice per week.

  3. These are some fantastic tips and recommendations on working from home. There are associated risks that come along with that as you mentioned, like distractions and the difficulty in separating work from home life. I know cause those are the two I mostly deal with all the time while working from home myself. I have a tip I wanted to share that I find myself doing. I read it somewhere online (not sure where now) and it seems to be a trick that helps me. It is to work for 52 minutes and then an 18 minute break. Seems to help me keep better focus when I’m writing.

    • Hi Chris,

      Thank you for your kind feedback. Not knowing the cut-off point is a serious challenge for many entrepreneurs working from work. They literally work round the clock and thus have no start or finish time, which is not healthy in the long run. Your tips are absolutely correct and I appreciate you sharing it. Movement is very essential in any sedentary work. The breaks are a very good idea. For health and safety reasons, anyone who works in front of any screen/monitor ought to have these breaks for the well-being of their eyes too.

      Thank you again for sharing your thoughts and for your feedback. I wish you great success in your work.

  4. A lot of information and ideas on what one can do from home. For someone like me who does not like being confined to just one spot, I wish I could work from home. And you still get the freedom to do other things especially if you are good at multi-tasking.

    • Hey Kunmi,

      Thank you for dropping by and for the comments. Working from home is not for everyone and those who fail so succeed in their business tend to be among those home working doesn’t suit. A lot of discipline is required as well as being able to enjoy or tolerate the isolation, stay motivated and be action oriented.

      Due to circumstances, some people have to work from home including people with physical disability or parents with young children. The ideas I shared, other than data entry, the rest beg for interaction with other people on a regular basis, which will alleviate some the risks identified.

      With your kind of work you are definitely an outdoor guy, which is what will make you thrive in your niche. I wish you every success in your business.

  5. Michel

    Some excellent tips on working from home here. There is virtually so much that you can do, that there is absolutely no reason to be unemployed.

    The trick is to find that thing that you enjoy doing, because this way you are far more likely to make a success of your home business.

    • Chuka

      Hi Michel,

      Thank you for your feedback. You are absolutely right, working from home opportunities are endless and is even more lucrative if one is doing what they love, which I covered in another post – creating multiple income from hobbies.

      I think like everything in life, no one idea works for everybody just like working from home is not ideal for everyone. But hopefully people may find useful ideas from these posts.

      Thank you again – Chuka

  6. Josue Castillo

    Hello there chukka,
    Very interesting article. You touched on what I think are some very good opportunities for those seeking to work from the comfort of there home. I love how you touched on the risks of working from home. Many unfortunately fall under the false impression that working from home is a stroll in the park and although it is convenient for many, it is important for people to understand that is still work after all and dedication is still needed.

    • Chuka

      Hi Josue,

      Thank you for dropping by and for your feedback. I couldn’t agree with you more! Many people overlook the risks associated with working from home and if care is not taken, the subtle distractions actually kill productivity.

      Working from home has as many virtues as opportunities and as you poignantly pointed out, some of the key secrets to success, which are no secrets at all are: dedication, discipline and hard work.

      I appreciate your feedback. Much success to you.


  7. Great list of potential work from home ideas! I personally work full time as a web developer for a company but I started to do some freelancing web development for clients on my spare time. Since I already have a skill, might as well use it to make some extra cash.

    I’ve seen most of the stuff listed here but one interesting thing that I didn’t think of before is the ironing/laundry service! I know I hate doing ironing and laundry so this definitely would be a service I would use if the price was right. Great article!

    • Hi Andy,
      Thank you for your feedback and I am glad you found a service that you might benefit from. One of the key areas of focus in my website is to provide ideas for creating multiple streams of income, especially for people who are in the rat race and wish to slow down to enjoy life a bit more later on.

      Thank you again for your feedback – Chuka

  8. Hi Chuka,

    Very comprehensive take on working from home. I think what people tend to forget is that they can start working from home by leveraging on their expertise.

    You highlighted baking as a way of making an income online and some women are really great at that. If they are passionate about that, I believe that’s where they can start.

    Whatever one chooses to do, I think he must realize that success doesn’t come overnight. It’s hard work and dedication, falling down and picking yourself up again (speaking from experience here…).

    I applaud your efforts in highlighting the various possible avenues of working from home.

    • Hey Zaillinah,

      Thank you very much for your feedback. You are absolutely right that people could easily leverage their expertise to create additional income stream. Another area as you mentioned is baking or other hobbies as I highlighted elsewhere, which again is about leveraging one’s hobbies to create additional income stream.

      I totally agree with you; there is no free ride or overnight success. It still requires hard work, diligence and commitment. I appreciate your contribution and wish you great success in your business.

  9. Hey Chuka I love the ideas you have given in this post on working from home. It is 100% true on being able to save some money on watching your own children instead of paying someone do it. I love the sound of just being able to work from home and spend time with my kids and wife. Maybe I’ll give it a shot. Thank you for the ideas.

    • Hi Jamie,

      Thank you for your comments. The demands of modern living makes it somewhat difficult for parents to joggle childcare and earning an income. Working from home helps to alleviate that challenge and enable parents to enjoy their children during those important formative years, whilst at the same time be in a position to be earning money.

      Yes, if you want to spend more time with your family, it’s worth evaluating lots of work from home opportunities including your hobbies.
      I wish you much success in your endeavors – Chuka

  10. Only recently, like last week, have I ever heard of AirBnB. Is that for a room or a whole house? Or could it be either? Being unemployed it feels like I have tried everything under the sun & I can’t seem to get anywhere. Going to do a more in depth look at your suggestions & see what I can do, THANK YOU!

    • Hey Donna,

      Thank you for your feedback. AirBnB can be a room or rooms in the house where you live or a whole house. It is very popular among people who want to rent out one or two rooms in their house on a temporary basis. If you are indeed interested, it is worth looking into it more. It doesn’t require as much work as renting a whole house, however the room and facilities have to be of high standard and you have to register. As I mentioned in the post, do check with your lender first, if you have a mortgage.

      Much success to you.

  11. Hi, Chuka. I love your website. I am also a consultant to those aiming to earn a living at home with their families. There are so many opportunities to work online, I get excited when I tell someone new or help them. Your article was spot on…though opportunities seem endless for work at home possibilities. Great post. 🙂

    • Hi Audra,
      Thank you very much for your kind feedback. I am particularly glad that you agree with my suggestions given that this is the area you work in. The opportunities are endless but like everything good, you also get the not so good in the form of scams that seep through every fabric of society.

      Thank you again for your comments.

  12. Cathy

    Hi there Chuka,

    I think a large proportion of people are still not keen to establish a workplace from home because it’s seen as less ambitious with no career prospect. That’s true if you are working on a job.

    However, if you think of it as a business, I think one’s own home is the most conducive environment to kick start any business, whether it is traditional or online.

    With the type of facilities we have on the internet these days, you only need to invest a couple hundred dollars to turn a passion into profits.

    • Chuka

      Hi Cathy,

      Thank you very much for your comments. You are so right about the misconception surrounding home working even among those doing it. When the purpose is unclear and the risks I mentioned kick in, then it becomes self-fulfilling prophecy.

      I appreciate your feedback.

  13. Many years ago I had a friend who decided to work from home. She was a bit worried about motivation so what she did was this. Every work morning she got up, showered, ate breakfast and then went out to the garage to her car. She drove around the block, returned to the house, parked in the street and entered her home office. At the end of her work hours she did the reverse drive thing but parked in her garage. She said it worked really well. And it sure cut the fuel costs from not having to drive an hour to work.

    • Hi Helen,

      Thank you for dropping by and for sharing this awesome example of productive work from home strategy. It’s amazing how we can successfully trick the mind to work with us instead of sabotaging our efforts.

      Working from home does indeed require a great deal of discipline and focus to be effective. Thank you again for sharing your friends experience.

  14. Great work from home tips! I really enjoy working from home and believe everyone should have a home business. I aim to support home business over big stores every day.

    • Hey Jaron,

      That’s awesome. Many people have developed effective strategies for working from because it’s very easy to get distracted and become unproductive. With this in mind, the benefits are amazing.

      I wish you continued success in your business.

  15. Speaking as someone with 2 jobs, one at employers premises and one at home. I can agree with pretty much everything in both of the above lists, working from home requires a LOT of self discipline and can often sound a lot better then the reality, that said it can be very rewarding.
    I like the list of working from home opportunities, it’ll give me something to think about if I fancy a change.
    Thanks for the info.

    • Hey Dan,

      Thank you for your feedback and for sharing your experience of working from home. You are absolutely right, it’s not as glamorous as it sounds and requires a lot of discipline to make it work. Having said that, it is so rewarding especially if you are a parent with young children, have some sort of disability or simply prefer to work from home.

      I appreciate your comments and wish you every success in your business and employment. You’re already building multiple income streams.

  16. Sandy

    My husband works from home and I am always jealous of this, as he is very happy working from home. So, there are, I think many more pros than cons, when it comes to working from home. What I like about your article is that you’re showing that working from home does not mean only working online. There are also some other opportunities which you have described.

    • Chuka

      Hey Sandy

      Thank you for your comments and for sharing your experience. As you rightly observed, working from home is somewhat misunderstood; people tend to generally associate it with online activity. But there are many facets to this and the opportunities are plenty as long as one knows where their interest lies and potentially how to monetise that.

      I appreciate your insights and do drop by any time to share some more 🙂

  17. Matthew Thomas

    There are pros and cons to working from home, which you’ve done a great job of listing above, but I think the most important takeaway here is the vast opportunity available online. Technology has made tasks that were historically difficult (like building a website) easily possible within minutes (at least the framework of it anyway). With over 3 billion current internet users and growing, there’s so much potential in the internet space – making work from home opportunities possible for everyone.

    • Chuka

      Hi Matthew,

      Thank you for visiting my sight and for your insight. I totally agree with you. Working from home has become much easier and more productive. So much so that many companies allow it freely these days because they know they will get more out of their employees especially in terms of working hours.

      For entrepreneurs, as you observed, the opportunities of working from home are endless. The secret is to tap into the right niche. I wish you success in your path.

  18. bidnesslady

    Great article, Chuka. I believe motivation or lack there of is certainly a thing to be considered when you choose to work from home. I find there are days or times during the week when….I just don’t feel like it! Lol. It is good for beginners to start with freelancing, which is done on your own schedule. When you run your own business, most times you can measure your success by your determination and drive to succeed.

    You touched on some key considerations necessary to be successful as well as pitfalls that can deter your success. Also Thank You, for listing a few ideas to get started with working from home. I will pass along your article on my Facebook page, many I know are attempting to start their businesses at home too.

    • Chuka

      Thank you Bidnesslady for your insights and kind feedback. Working from home is wonderful, however it takes certain personality and discipline to make it work. I appreciate your offer to circulate the article to those who might find it useful. I wish you the best of luck in your business. Chuka

  19. Darren

    I’m into affiliate marketing and while the idea of working from home was great for me. I still found myself having to go to a coffee shop or library to be as productive as I possibly could.

    I think the make money from home has become synonymous with being self-employed because using your home as your primary base of operations means that you don’t really incur any costs and you can actually make a decent living free lancing.

    But I think I should check into free lancing opportunities. One of my goals in life is to never have to work for anyone else ever again and I’d prefer to work for myself.

    • Chuka

      Hi Darren,

      I totally agree with you about going to a Coffee Shop or Library as an example. The discipline of dressing up and leaving the house to go somewhere to work has a psychological impact on productivity. I use my habits as example. The temptation of many distractions at home is enormous. I hope the freelancing is working out for you and wish you the very best of luck. Many thanks for your feedback. 


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