1. Chastity

    Hi Chuka,

    I like the theme you have for your web site. It really goes with your topic and has a nice serene feel. I do like the first part of your post, but get a little lost in the amount of quotes you have on there. I’m thinking maybe have just 2 or 3 powerful quotes would drive your point across better.

    • Chuka

      Hey Chastity,

      Thank you for your feedback and I am glad you liked some. The reason I put several quotes is that from experience, people like different things and it’s always good to give choice, rather than choose only what I like or think is powerful.

  2. Kevin

    Thanks for my daily dosage of inspiration and motivation! I loved all the quotes as someone who only started my own online business about a month ago now this was a great read.

    There are so many quotes to choose from I couldn’t possibly pick a favorite, do you have a personal favorite quote?

    • Chuka

      Hi Kevin,

      I am glad you like some of them and thank you for your feedback. These quotes are not about me or my favourites but I like the first under Mindset by Gordon B. Hinckley the best. I have several on the walls in my office but they do not all appeal to people who visit my office. It’s a personal choice and hopefully you will be able to find one that speaks to you.

  3. Aless

    Motivation, inspiration is at the core of success. I have noticed when I’m not motivated, I tend to delay doing things. It’s important to stay motivated, especially when working from home, because it’s easier to be a slacker, not having a boss, not having a set schedule.
    But that it something we should appreciate, not abuse, meaning we should set our own schedule and stick to it. Being our own boss

    • Chuka

      Hey Aless,

      Thank you for your positive feedback. I am very delighted you found the quotes useful in keeping you motivated. As you rightly pointed out, working from home is lonely and requires a lot of discipline and keeping the spirits up. I wish you huge success in your business.

  4. Vince DaCosta

    I like this Website very much. My first thought was how clean and inviting. No unrealistic illustrations or videos that promote impossible achievements. Yes, I know that “reaching for the stars” is good, but sometimes it can be overdone and then loss of credibility.
    My first response to the Ralph Waldo Emerson quote was “How nice.” The well organized opening page encourages trust. Everything is easy to read. No clutter of too many illustrations or dramatic colours, or huge type to get attention.
    Reading through the pages, text and illustrations, suggest an educated and responsible author who can be trusted.

    • Chuka

      Hey Vince,

      Thank you for your kind comments and strong feedback. I appreciate these very much and delighted that you recognise the simplicity and warmth the website is attempting to provide. I’m glad you found the website and posts helpful. I wish you great success in your path.

  5. Andrew

    I was bored and I needed some motivation to get me going again. Stumbled upon this page and it was perfect timing haha. Got some much needed motivation from the quotes here. It’s time to get back on track. Appreciate this article you have here and thanks a lot for giving me the needed jolt. Let’s rock it!

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