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Working from home is not a new concept but has become more prevalent with the advent of the Internet. There are literally thousands of opportunities out there, although it can be pretty daunting to find the right ones and avoid being scammed.

I was in a high pressured job and work environment, spending more hours at work than at home, six out of seven days per week. During winter months, I didn’t get to see my neighborhood in daylight except on Sundays when I was either busy cooking and cleaning or catching up on sleep.

With this kind of lifestyle, I was preparing the grounds for a burnout, which did indeed happen. I now relish the joy of working from home.

TODAY’S Job Market Reality…

In today’s employment market, every job vacancy attracts hundreds of applicants. This is arguably the best time to seek other part-time opportunities working from home, particularly if:

  • You want spare cash to pay the bills
  • You are following your passion
  • You are a woman wanting to stay home, raise the kids and have income coming in
  • You are retired or are nearing retirement and want out of the rat race
  • You want to establish multiple income streams

Where Do You Start?

In my early days of working from home and seeking alternative sources of income, I felt overwhelmed and tended to jump into any best thing that came along. Needless to say that it led to many mistakes and loss of money. So here are a number of considerations:

What’s your passion?hobby - photographer

By monetizing some of the things you are passionate about, you could start something big. Such things as photography, writing, blogging, crafts, car boots sales, to mention only a few.

One of my friends started her home business by first wanting create space in her house. She decided to clear her garage, and spare rooms by doing car boot sales. She made so much money, loved the experience and got hooked. She has now extended this passion to eBay and other buying and selling activities.

What are you good at?

Close to identifying what you are passionate about is knowing what your skills are. What are your talents and abilities that you want to offer others in service and which you are interested in? If you don’t care about or like your current skills, perhaps you may consider getting training in the things you are passionate about.

When people love what they do, it is no longer a job. Rather they earn money from their hobbies.

Do you like to help or talk to people?

This too is closely related to what you are passionate about, especially if you like helping or talking to people. There are opportunities like multi-level marketing (MLMs) where you are not only helping other people, but you are also building and earning passive (residual) income. You put in the work initially and earn for the rest of your life. Note that these are not pyramid schemes, which are illegal.

There are of course many MLM opportunities. I will be reviewing some of these in future updates to identify the key differences and why some of the big names have disappeared down the plug hole in recent years.

Do you prefer to be on your own and ‘play’ with computers?!


It’s not everyone that is computer savvy or even interested in it. However if you are, there are numerous online income secrets whether you are a college student, retired person, stay at home mom or simply prefer to make your living online.

There are literally hundreds of ways to make money online. Some of my favorites include:

  1. Stock or Forex Markets
  2. Becoming an Affiliate
  3. Online Surveys
  4. Buying and selling online
  5. Writing including articles, blogging, e-books

What to watch out for…

Working from home is fun, however it requires a lot of discipline and focus in order to remain productive. You have to be clear what your goals are and your strategy for getting there. Unlike an employed job environment, there’s nobody to supervise you. Sometimes people squander their time. There’s an old adage that “time is money.”! Use yours with care.

In future articles, I will explore each of the areas outlined above in some depth. If you are currently working from home and would like to share your experience, we would like to read your comments.

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