1. Ian

    Nice article, there are a lot of great niche ideas here. I chose the photography niche incidentally and I have a passion for it so it’s very easy to write about. Though nowadays I take a look at what the “competition” is doing and then try to fill in any gaps with my own posts. No one wants to read the same photography article over and over on different sites, so I try to put my own spin on things.

    • Chuka

      Thank you Ian for your kind comments. You are right, there are a lot of articles about photography however your insight is spot on: to find the gaps and fill them. That gives you a unique angle. It’s a beautiful subject and niche. I wish you success in bringing your uniqueness to the “hungry” audience.

  2. Shawn

    Some really awesome ideas here for multiple money streams!
    I really am wanting to revive one of my blogs and go the Adsense route and your post kind of encouraged me to start getting serious about it.
    With the election the way it is and my interest in politics this could be a good fit.
    Keep the articles coming!


    • Chuka

      Hi Shawn, this is awesome. I am glad you are going to revive your blog. In addition to thrilling your audience with great insighst through your writing, you are making money from that as well. How difficult can life be?!

      I was speaking to my ex-colleague who is now quite good at it. He is making in the range of $1500 – $2000 every month from that niche alone.

      Best wishes with your revived blog!

  3. SantyG

    Hi Chuka
    God Job and nice website. I personally like to blog because it is one of the best ways to offer valuable content, create a good relationship with your audience and produce income at the same time.
    I totally agree with your five ways to create income because you can work and have fun doing something that you like.
    Nice article, keep the good work, Santy.

    • Chuka

      Hey Santy, I couldn’t agree with you more! Earning money from doing what you love is no longer work. That increases the desire to produce more quality content or products for your audience.

      I wish you all the best with your blogging and may your audience be enriched with your writings.

  4. Sylvester

    Hi Chuka,
    I like the simplicity of this website. I have read much info on this subject already, and most of the sites looks like total scams, with ads everywhere, and the info is not usable.

    This website is clean; the info is spot on – gosh I would love to be able to work from home or anywhere in the world as my job, and I will follow along here to see if you have some advice on how I move down that path.

    Thanks, I’m following along here. Would love to subscribe to an email list if you add it in the future.


    • Hey Sylvester, thank you very much for your kind and constructive comments. I will certainly look into creating opt-in for anyone wishing to subscribe.

      There are certainly many ways one can create extra income even while they are office based until such time when they are making enough to allow their money work for them, especially passive income.

      Do check out the website from time to time for more ideas. Thank you again for your feedback.

  5. Anthony C.

    Great article! Tons of information that is very helpful to anyone looking to start their own little business. I know how hard it is to find quality information on the subject. I love how simply it is laid out here and easy to follow. Definitely keep informing the masses on this important subject!

    • Chuka

      Thank you very much Anthony. There are just too much information available and I wanted to simplify some of them especially for those wanting to start small. I appreciate your input.

  6. NemiraB

    Hello, thanks for providing excellent ideas how to earn income. I think that people can pick one suggestion and try how it works for them.
    I think that it would be great if this idea would a passion when somebody starts to create a business from it.
    Your article can be a trigger for people, who want to finish a job from 9 to 5 and be own bosses.
    All the best, happy writing, Nemira.

    • Chuka

      Hey Nemira, thank you for your kind comments. I am glad you captured the sentiment of what I am attempting to do here, which is to provide simple ideas to create multiple income streams and perhaps say good bye to 9-5 job sooner than later.

  7. Hi Chuka,

    That was a very informative read. You kept me interested and involved throughout it’s entirety. You definitely have a knack for writing.

    Keep up the great work. I’ve bookmarked you site.


  8. Love the diamond example! Thank you. I’m just getting started with my online business and I love the suggestions here. Helped me open my mind up to all I can do!

    • Hi Sam, I am so delighted you dropped by and found something helpful to you from the article. I wish you great success with your online business. That diamond you are cutting into shape and polishing by way of your business strategy and actions will become priceless soon.
      Best wishes

  9. Nice to meet you here at WA, Chuka.
    Great site, and well written article!
    Well there are so many valuable skills that we have, but we cannot identify them and for that reason many people are still in the unemployment line.

    I am wondering how many will recognize that they are their own gem yet to be discovered like the diamond you mention.

    Turning ones passion in an online income is far from many people minds because they are able to identify the valuable skills they have. I always said that I am not good at any thing, lie. Steve Harvey uses his humor to take him to where he is at now.

    I hope someone’s skill will come to light through this article.

    Best wishes, and thanks for sharing.

    • Hey AnnMarie, thank you so much for your comments. I totally agree with you that many people do not recognize their own skills and even when someone points them out, they down play the compliment. The skills and talents are given to us for a reason.
      I wish you success with your business.

  10. Hannah

    Now this is the way forward in life! Getting an income from the things you enjoy most. Multiple incomes, even better!

    I am currently working on two websites in niches I am very interested in. I enjoy working on the websites so much that any money I earn is a bonus. I do hope to someday be able to earn a full time income from it though. This guide you’ve written is a great starting point.

    • Chuka

      Hey Hannah,

      That’s awesome. You are on to something great because when we work from our passion, success comes quicker because we enjoy what we do and the energy is positive/powerful.

      You are already developing multiple income streams and it’s a matter of time before you start seeing results.

      I wish you every success with your businesses.

  11. Chuka, I will return and follow your website to get more of this invaluable information. I like to write and have often been told I am good at it so my aim is to increase my blogging on science fiction and fantasy and monetise it with affiliate links. Got some of this happening already but not adsense as when I went in to look at it the initial directions were pretty airy fairy. So now I must go back and learn how to decipher it. Thanks for the information and cheers, Helen

    • Hi Helen,

      Thank you very much for your feedback and insights. You are absolutely right about using your natural talents to offer great content and monetise from affiliate links.

      I am currently looking indepth at the various benefits available to bloggers including Adsense. Do look out for it and of course you are welcome to come back to this site.

      Thank you for your kind comments and I look forward to reading more of your sci-fi blogs.


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